BackTrack in USB multiboot list

BackTrack is very useful Linux distro.
Of course I added it to my 32G USB multiboot flash drive.
There were some tricks in BackTrack 4 beta installation on usb flash an extra ext2 patition.

But now with BackTrack 4 final release there is no problem!

Just place folders /boot and /casper from the bt4-final.ISO to the root of usb flash.

I put folder /boot to /BackTrack. But /casper should be only /casper!

My menu.lst entry:

title BackTrack live
root (hd0,0)
find --set-root /BackTrack/vmlinuz
kernel /BackTrack/vmlinuz boot=casper persistent rw
initrd /BackTrack/initrd.gz

and this is my boot snapshot for 32g USB flash drive:
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USB multiboot flash menu

Freedom of choice!


  1. Anonymous11:49

    Great stuff, as is the tutorial on the 32GB multi-boot pendrive. But why do you need the ext2 partition? Can't Backtrack4 run without persistent?

  2. I did several attempts to try BackTrack running from USB without ext2 partition. All of them failed.
    I’ll be glad to now how to do it.
    This is just my own small experience.